Friday, March 27, 2009

My interview is over!

In case I haven't mentioned it twice already (My interview is in 3 hours, Big Brother Big Sisters Interview) I had my BBBS interview today.

I was feeling a little nervous about it this morning. Mostly because my house was a mess.

I got home and cleaned my house. In the middle of that my ex, Matt, started texting me. Somehow we got on the subject of BBBS and he said that he knew the guy who was helping run it and he's a big conservative. He gave a lot of unsolicited advice about hiding my sexuality. I politely explained that I have no desire to volunteer with a group that discriminates against lesbians. I also explained their nondiscrimination policy.

Regardless of my stand on the situation, I got a little worried about it. I've never really had anyone openly be rude to me because of my gayness and I wasn't really sure how I'd feel about it. I got my house cleaned. I sat on the couch.

All of my worrying was for nothing! The interview went really well!

Come to find out, the girl, Jessica, who did my interview is a lesbian. I saw her take inventory of the little things around my house that would indicate that I'm gay but there was no judgment. Then we got to the questionnaire. She was REALLY gender neutral about asking if I was in a relationship and how my "significant other" would feel about me being in BBBS.

Then at the end of the sheet was a final question: What is your sexuality? I was just like, um I'm a lesbian. She laughed and was like, "Yeah I saw The L Word dvds. Don't worry, I'm family. . ." This for some reason confused me, but thankfully she clarified for me that she was a lesbian.

And then we chatted about our big gay lives and the rest of the application process...and everything was great and probably I'll have a little in the next month or so!


  1. Very cool.
    Yeah, I get confused when someone says their "family". Usually takes me a minute to process that and then cha-ching!
    Hope you hear good news soon.

  2. i'm glad to hear that the interview went well; although i have l word dvds and im not part of the family.

  3. Jude- agreed. it's just confusing!

    Lazyass- yeah. There are cool straight people who love the l word too!

    Side note: this girl would have never in a million years set off my gaydar. That's all.

  4. maybe the two of you should be friends