Thursday, March 12, 2009

I want a tattoo

I was just reading this post on Card Carrying Lesbian about tattoos.

I have been having a LOT of tattoo lust lately. I just really want a tattoo.

Things I'm considering:
  • A white tattoo. I really want a white tattoo at some point, probably a word or phrase on my wrist. I know that this was sort of made popular by Lindsay Lohan (gross) but I think it looks really cool. Check out the white ink tattoo flikr group...and then you will want one too!
  • A rainbow tattoo. Because I'm a big gaymo and I just want one. I'm not specifically sure of a shape or something...but I don't really think I just want a plain rainbow.
  • Stars. Overdone? Yes. Really mainstream? Yes. Still I kind of want a star tattoo. Maybe on the back of my neck?
  • <3>
Random side note. For awhile I was really obsessed with the idea of having my nipples tattooed (and the area around them somewhat) so that they looked star shaped. I saw this on Suicide Girls once (I know, the site is shit and treats the models badly, but I didn't know that then) and it looked really amazing. At first I thought they were pasties or something but no, they were definitely tattoos. Since then I've calmed down about the idea mostly because I'm afraid of the pain that might cause. Also I want to breastfeed someday and I'm not sure how safe that is.


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