Monday, March 23, 2009


We rented the movie Salt the other night. description: What begins as a childish prank quickly devolves into protracted murder. When the true nature of an abusive husband's twisted extra-marital relationship is revealed to his all too innocent wife, she then begins to have an affair with his sister. Together, the two women plot the ultimate revenge, and the stage is set for sexual manipulation, violence and terror.

From the description on the back of the case, it seemed like it was going to have some hott lesbian sex and a decent plot.


No lesbian sex. There was one kissing scene that was really intense and hott but no sex. There were some funny lesbian related jokes.

The plot was really confusing and weird. Maybe I'm just not intellectual enough or something, but mostly it was just really disjointed and I'm still not sure what happened at the end.

I would not recommend this movie....unless you'd like to watch 83 confusing minutes just to see a 30 second kissing scene.

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