Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My gardening adventure

A week or so ago, Kara and I headed to Home Depot with a gift card we got for Christmas and got most of the stuff we needed to start our garden. We're doing a little container garden on our very tiny patio.

Monday after I got off work, I got hit by a wave of motivation and decided to get started planting stuff! Then I decided to take a bunch of pictures, and well here they are.

First I got everything planted. There are strawberry transplants in the hanging basket (that's on the ground for now due to wind!), the yellow pot is cilantro, and the tan pot is spinach.

I started peppers indoors. We LOVE peppers and eat a lot of them, so this is the most important one for us. Peppers, however, need a warm climate to for now they are in the hot water heater closet. Pardon the junk!

I've started projects like this before, and let's just say I'm a little forgetful. I start off all gung ho but then everything falls apart. Follow through is not my strong point. So I decided to make a lot of little notes to remind me to water them.

Apparently this one seems a little naughty. I guess the word garden on the bathroom mirror reminds Kara of lady garden? Lol, I'm sure our visitors will love it.

I also made a couple notes about the light in the closet...

Then I made lists of the growing requirements and stuff for all the vegetables I'm growing. Referencing seed packets/books the entire time would make me annoyed. This way it's all in one spot.

At the end, I was left with a mess....but hey, that's to be expected!

Hopefully soon I'll have pictures of my little seedlings to share.


  1. great start on your all the little notes and the tape on the light switch is priceless. who gets to eat the first strawberry?...yummy

  2. are you taking orders for growing?

    ALSO great photos especially the one in front of the mirror!!!!!

    I call dibs on the first strawberry!!!

  3. hey just stumbled across your blog. amusing stuff =)

  4. Jude-lol gf gets home and is like "um i feel like a BIG lesbo with all these little notes around the house." I am eating the first strawberry!!!

    shanerocket- lol no orders. we might do some trading if we get a lot of one thing. we have a couple of friends who are gardening. also back away from my strawberry!

    lazyass--hey! welcome to my blog lol. <3

  5. i dont think plants can grow from lightbulbs
    they need sun. photosynthesis and shit