Sunday, March 29, 2009

Same Sex in the City

I really like books that are compilations of short stories or essays. I like them even more when they are about lesbians. If they include a coming out story I award bonus points! One of my favorite sorts of books is Same Sex in the City: (So Your Prince Charming is Really a Cinderella) by Lauren Levin and Lauren Blitzer. ( link)

It's not really a work of literary genius but it's funny and it's real. It's several chapters that have some advice from the two authors (Lauren & Lauren) and several short essays/interviews that fit with the theme of the chapter. Chapters include topics like passionate friendships, coming out, first time sex, and the intensity between two women. The book had a LOT of stories that I could relate to.

My favorite chapter was probably Passionate Friendships. Idk if anyone in the real life refers to them as passionate friendships (overly close/intense friendships that aren't really sexual but are much more like a relationship than a friendship, often had between a gay girl and a straight girl before one of them figures out that she's gay). I'd never really heard anyone talk about friendships like this, and I had a really intense passionate friendship with one of my friends. When I was coming out this was in my "evidence of lesbianhood" category and mostly people just thought it was strange and abnormal. Apparently lots of other people have had very similar situations...and well it made me feel a little less alone.

The thing I disliked most about the book was the sort of "hey hott popular pretty girls can be lesbians too" vibe that it had... I think that most people are aware that lesbians come in all shapes/sizes/degrees of femininity.

Anyways...if you're coming out or have a love for reading books of essays about girls who like girls, you should give it a try. Bonus points for the fun title.

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