Sunday, March 22, 2009

What is it with gay girls and purses?

Well? A lot of gay girls hate to say the word purse. They don't carry a purse.

Messenger bag? Yes
Tote? Yes
Bag? Yes
Purse? No!

I know there are exceptions and more femmey girls are more likely to say purse, but I know a few lesbians who regularly wear skirts but refuse to say purse.

"It's NOT a purse!!! It's a bag!"

What gives?


  1. cargo shorts, backpacks and sometimes a messenger bag and if i'm not having any of those then my wallet goes into my Wife's purse.

  2. gf carries a wallet in her back pocket (unless we're around extended family, then she "de-dykes" and it goes in my bag)

    For awhile I just carried around a big girly wallet. That got old because you have to hang on to it. Now I do bags or totes...sometimes I say purse but really it makes me feel weird...purses have glitter or something?

  3. no purse here!!! hell no. at the very most on vacation a camera bag. glad to see another MISERY dweller here!!

  4. yeah but say the word out loud. the word itself sounds funny but it makes your mouth go into this really nice extended lips configuration. for me, that alone makes me ask my Wife where her purse is. hell, it's much better than saying pocketbook.
    de-dykes, i like