Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why are men still buying me drinks?

When I was confused and still thought I was straight, guys bought me drinks. I get it. I was putting off some straight girl vibes at a bar and they thought they could get laid. So they would have some cheesy pickup line and offer to buy me a drink. I was not so much interested in sleeping with them, but like any good alcoholic I spouted off my drink of choice (Jack and diet coke at the time) and enjoyed.

Imagine my surprise when a guy bought drinks for Kara (gf), Alanna (friend), and I at the local gay bar the other night. About halfway through the night we made friends with a gay boy named Richard. He was sort of a pretentious ass but he kept buying us drinks so it was something I could overlook.

A week or so later Nate, a gay boy who works with me, bought drinks for several people at a birthday dinner I was at, Kara and I included.

Confused face.

I've been friends with lots of gay boys and never did a single one of them ever offer to buy me a drink when I was "straight". So do gay boys only buy drinks for lesbians? Were these special circumstances? Twice in one month...I just find it a little odd. Men who have absolutely no chance of getting laid and don't even want to have sex with me are buying me alcohol.

I guess I just need to accept that they were being nice people? Or perhaps that they were trying to impress someone else? Or feel a part of my group?

Whatev. I'm not complaining.


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