Thursday, May 28, 2009

What a disappointment

Forget my previous statement about not ranting about Prop 8. I am thoroughly disappointed in the state of California!

I know that the previous generation only hoped to be worrying about gay marriage. I know the in some states gay people can still be evicted from their homes or fired from their jobs just for being gay (hello Missouri).

I know that the fact it's even being talked about is a big deal, but it's not enough. LGBT individuals will eventually share all of the same rights as the rest of the population. It's just a matter of when.

Still, California has a history of being socially progressive. For me, a person who has always lived in the very conservative midwest, I like to look at more liberal states as a source of hope, as an example of changes that will hopefully make their way to middle America in the next decade. This is why I'm so disappointed that California upheld Prop 8. All the Missouri conservatives just nod their heads knowingly and say things like "it's about time people in California got some sense," and well that just makes me feel sad and defeated.


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  1. To say that I was disappointed in the outcome is an understatement. On the positive note though the CSC kept the 18,000 marriages intact which can only provide more fuel to gain equality for ALL (I'm sure the religious right have felt some defeat with that part of the ruling). The court did not want to go against the people's vote again which is why they upheld prop 8.

    I found this blog posting to be of some help to me. Check it out.

    For now, everything is in the works to get the repealing of hate on the ballot in 2010; which doesn't give us much time to raise the monies needed for support.

    Gay marriage is going to happen in California. Change happens slowly and sometimes that's a good thing. Trust me, it's going to happen, even in Missouri.