Friday, May 15, 2009

I miss The L Word

I know the last season was crazy and a little lame. I know that Ilene Chailken is a nutter. I know that it's over.

Still...I miss it. I wish The L Word was still on. I wish they would do another season...or a movie. I feel like I didn't get any closure. Hell we didn't even find out who killed Jenny, not that it even matters since the whole plot line was stupid.

I would like another lesbian drama to watch. That's all.



  1. I totally Lesbians need more drama to watch plus throw in some nude scenes too!

  2. I certainly could do with some hott sex scenes! If we could just get a nonstop video of carmen that would be great too...

  3. I agree! All we get nowadays is snippets of lesbian action in other shows, like Grey's Anatomy and Skins! Skins was good for the lesbos, but Grey's is just soppy lesbian monologues!

  4. I just started watching skins on DVD. Only on season 2. I haven't been watching greys this season, I usually catch up in the summers.

    This means no lesbian acttion for awhile sad face! I love Skins so far though.