Thursday, May 21, 2009


Last week on a lazy Thursday afternoon, Kara and I were enjoying a quiet morning around the apartment. We made espresso, breakfast, and were just lounging around. Well one thing led to another and soon enough we found our way back to bed (surprise, surprise).

Our clothes were off, the windows were open, and we were having really hott sex. Suddenly we heard a noise. We stopped for a second, decided it must have been outside, and resumed our (somewhat noisy) sex. A few seconds later we heard a louder noise and a man's voice, "Hello...maintaince, it's Randy."


I scrambled into some clothes (after slamming the bedroom door closed) and Kara hid in the bathroom. I went into the kitchen/living room area to see what the hell Randy was doing. He was tooling around with the thermostat in the living room and said, "I'm here to fix the air conditioner". Oh right the air conditioner wasn't working. I felt really awkward since I was certain he heard us having sex, my hair looked wild, I wasn't wearing a bra, and my face was flushed. Fan-fucking-tastic. I washed my hands nervously in the kitchen because I figured I probably smelled like sex. Finally he banged around on the AC and proclaimed that he didn't really know what is wrong or if it's fixed. Then he told me to close the windows and not to forget the ones in the bedroom (awkward). Finally he left.

WTF. I know that I left the landlord a note but I'm pretty sure they are supposed to call before they come over and have to let me know 24 hours in advance of thy will be in my apartment when I'm not there. Also if you enter an apartment and hear sex noises coming from the bedroom you should probably come back later!!!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh!....had me laughing though. I bet old Randy will be the center of the BBQ's this weekend while he's telling the story.