Monday, May 11, 2009


I was thinking of a new series of posts that I want to do about my past and all the little things that indicated I might be a lesbian that I never really took note of. Sort of a lesbian timeline, lol. I was trying to think of the first time I ever did anything sexual or had romantic feelings for a girl.

The first tume i ever "did someting" with a girl i was just a kid. As a small child I did a lot of experimenting. I would say that I was oversexed but maybe it's completly normal.

At age 6 I made some boy show me his penis. I was not impressed.

At age 7 I had several encounters with girls. They basically included oral sex and nipple stimulation. Also lots of grinding and making out. Most of them occurred within a group of three of us but a couple of times it was just me and another girl. I think there were a total of five girls all together that I had contact with.

Idk. I just think it's weird. I was never molested or sexually abused. I was the one initiating most of this contact. I have never spoken to any of them about this, even though I was friends with most of them throughout high school.



  1. Lesbian Timeline, I like your idea. But for me, it makes me think of a long time ago....LOL!

  2. Completely 'normal' - whatever that means! I also started experimenting with a girl at 5 or 6yrs of age! I always considered it my first venture into lesbianism - in fact it wasn't until many years later that I tried such experiementation with boys - I guess my preference has always been for the ladies!

  3. I think doing the lesbian timeline is going to be fun!

    Also I'm glad I wasn't the only one...