Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hottness of the Week: Lilly Allen

I really like Lilly Allen a lot. I first discovered her on Ellen a couple of months ago.

Then I heard a few of her songs and liked her even more. I'm a sucker for accents.

I googled her one afternoon and found out she made a habit of going braless and tanning topless (despite the fact that her breasts aren't perfect and round or fake, go team real boobs!)

She is also bff with Lindsay Lohan, which worried me a little at first. Now I realize this could lead to a drunken hookup? A girl can hope right?

Also they got matching shhh tattoos on their index fingers (which turned out to be embarasing since Rihanna already had one). I want this tattoo lol.

And of course Lilly Allen loves the gays. I like her new video/song Fuck it!



  1. Read up on Lily Allen on there is an article about her snogging two girls....

  2. oh wow...i think that it might have been a lie, lol but who cares. i'm still interested.

    i am not, however, impressed with her use of the term "front bottom" um yeah, not so hott.

    still i suppose if you imagine it with an accent it's a lot hotter!