Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Graduation update

Well graduation was Sunday and I lived through the day. Success!

First Kara got mad at me because she felt under dressed and wished I would have told her more about the dress code before hand. Fair enough! Turns out her outfit was fine anyways.

Fast forward to graduation. I felt the eyes of a lot of people but thankfully nothing too awkward happened. Ironicly enough the 40ish lady who had a live in girlfriend for several years sat right behind us (with her husband, this gross burly man...ick).

My dad came and there was a very awkward exchange between him and my brother. Fortunately it was civil which is a start.

I talked to him while Kara was in the bathroom to minimize the uncomfortable factor. Later dad came over to where the two of us were standing and talked to me, completly ignoring Kara. Mom rescued her and they went in a different area of the gym. As Kara walked away he looked her up and down and seemed very unimpressed by her existance. The awkward father saga continues!


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