Thursday, April 23, 2009

I have a potential BBBS match!

Today Jessica from BBBS called with good news; she has found a potential match for me! The girl is 11 years old and her name is Karly.

Without spilling her entire life story, I think she's a great match for me. She has recently divorced parents and is struggling with depression and either has or had bulimia. My parents divorced when I was 4 and I suffered from depression and had an eating disorder as a teenager. Also she's tall and really smart. Twinz. Ok well obviously we aren't twins but I feel like I have actual life experiences that will be helpful for her.

Yeah...needless to say I am excited!

The process goes something like this from here:
•Jessica, her mom Kari, and I will all meet on May 1st and talk about Jessica and how I am the perfect big sister for her
•The next day her mom and I will both call Jessica and give her a yes or a no
•If there is a no the process starts over. If both of us say yes then we set up a meeting with Jessica, the mom, Karly, and of course me.
•Provided that goes well Karly and I will have our first outing.
•There might be some sort of training or something along the way...I'm not sure

Yay I'm actually doing this!

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  1. How exciting! Good luck and hope the meeting goes well.