Saturday, April 18, 2009

I cut my hair!!!

Lately I've been having what I've affectionately dubbed my "lesbian identity crisis". It's a pretty long angsty story, but for now we'll just talk about my hair.

I was pretty over it. It was super long and blonde and I never really did anything with it. About 90% of the time it went in a ponytail and it didn't really look that amazing. Don't get me wrong, I have thick gorgeous hair that's wavy but not curly. This means that it curls really well, straightens pretty well, and looks decent if I just put some goo in it and let it dry. I have fantastic hair but I just never did much with it. Anyone who has super thick hair knows that takes forever to get dry. Add this to the length and it's tangly and a mess.

So I google imaged some people who had hair that I liked. My biggest hair inspiration is Leisha Hailey. I love her hair!!! It looks good long. It looks good short. It looks good curly. It looks good in pigtails. It looks good. Period.

I decided I was ready to get rid of some of the length (ok, a lot of it really) and found some pics to take to my hair girl (Dani...who is amazing). Pics:

The next day I call and get a hair appointment. Excitement!!! She got me in on the same day (yesterday)! I showed her the pictures and she told me that it wasn't really going to look like the picture because of my thick hair (ugh blessing + pain in the ass!). She thought she could do something similar but a little longer and I trust her so I said go for it.

So this was my hair last week...

...and this is my hair today!

It's a little more Paige than Alice...

...but I like it a LOT!

What do you think?


  1. Ooooh i like it! It really suits you :)

  2. I think your new doo looks great!!!

  3. Totally Paige and not Alice!! And looks great on you!