Friday, April 3, 2009

Go Iowa!

In case you missed it, Iowa legalized gay marriage today! Win!

Missouri and Iowa, we're neighbors...and it's a little unbelievable for me. I mean hello, this IS the midwest. I'm not really sure if this is going to make things better here in Missouri or not.

Currently it's still legal to discriminate against people based on sexuality here (in the workplace and in housing). Technically my landlord could kick me out tomorrow and my boss could fire me based soley on the fact i'm a lesbian. Lame. There is a bill going through right now (um I can't remember if it's in the house or senate though). What I'm afraid of is that the Missouri conservatives are going to have a big fit about gay marriage being legal so close to home and get really vocal about it essentially leading to the bill not being passed. On the flip side, all the positive attention could possibly help (I'm trying here)?

But anways horray for Iowa. It passed by something like 70% I think.


  1. Big Kudos to Iowa for sure! I'm hoping that this was be the true tipping point for the rest of the USA to get on board Marriage Equality. You do have to expect that the religious right, the Mormons and your regular type Bigots will be figuring out deceitful ways to have this great decision changed.
    In a few months after all the paperwork is done, it wouldn't surprise me to read how the economy has picked up in Iowa. (big smile)

  2. NO KIDDING fellow Missouri resident!!