Monday, April 13, 2009

Office Max is where the girls are at?

I walk into Office Max to get something printed since my printer is out of ink. I walk through the door and some girl asks me if I need help. Anyone who's been shopping with me before knows that I usually don't look like I need help. I have a sense of purpose or something. Anyways, even when I need help, no one asks.

So the girl asks if I need help. I respond politely and she directs me to the printing center...after she blatantly looks me up and down and makes a lot of eye contact. Hmmmm...

I don't really think much of it until the girl at the print desk sends my gaydar into overdrive. Men's khakis, wallet, short hair, attitude...check. Print girl completely prioritizes my order over the two in front of me. She talks to me the whole time about Dollhouse (Eliza Dushku) and how she thinks the star is really hott then she gives me my 9 cent print for free and tells me to have a nice day...

Then I proceed to wander around the notebooks (because I'm a total nerd and love office supplies) and a third girl asks me if I need help. Well she was just doing her job and didn't really do anything exciting but I thought it would be entertaining if I said there were three...that's all.

Moral of this story: Office Max is where the ladies are at!

1 comment:

  1. It's nice to see being gay bumped you up in line.
    I'm an OS nerd too :)