Tuesday, April 21, 2009

CLGB friend date

Saturday night I have a friend date with "cute little gay boy" (mentioned before in the post about St. Louis Pride). I will reffering to him as CLGB.

I'm about 98% convinced that this boy (age 18) is gay. I won't go into all the examples but no one is going to be very surprised when he finally comes out. The problem is that he's just not quite even there yet...I'm not even sure if he knows that he'd gay. The second problem is that he is still in high school and his family is very Catholic.

Anyways, he works with my girlfriend and he got into an argument with her. She suggested that some girl he knows might be gay. He said no. She suggested that maybe she was gay but didn't really know it yet, she's still in high school. He argued that Kara knew in high school. Kara just laughed and said not everyone knows in high school and asked if he ever met me, lol.

Anyways shortly after that he said we need to go out on Saturday night. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with this kid...

What if he comes out to me? That would make my life better...and make me feel very important...

That's all.

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  1. Coming out is a pain in the ass and the first and hardest thing is trying to figure out who or what you are. Be there for your friend, the process can't be forced and the best thing you could do is listen if he starts to talk about it and be supportive.