Monday, April 20, 2009

Apartment Situation...

I'm a little worried about our apartment situation. Here is the back story.

I rent a one bedroom apartment. It's low income. I think funded partially by HUD? Idk. All I know is the rent is cheap and I had to qualify to live there. I moved in in August. Kara has never spent a night away from the apartment. She has officially lived there since October (aka started paying half the rent and finished her hostile takeover of the closet).

The apartments are infamously hard to get into...but I knew some people who had lived there and happened to know someone who was moving. Then when I filled out the application I name dropped Jesus and Vacation Bible School. Keep in mind I don't really identify as Christian but everyone I know who has lived there went to Christian College and the lady had Jesus pictures and stuff all over the office. Anyways she called the next day to say I got in.

Fast forward to now...mostly I'm just a little worried the land lady is going to find out that two people live in our apartment and that we're gay and then we'll have to move. Technically Kara's address is still with her parents but idk if the post office is really the deciding factor in these things... Also sometimes we have sex a little loudly...what if our neighbors complain or something?

Random things I worry about...oh the midwest. Have you ever had to name drop Jesus to get into an apartment?



  1. Lol well if the neighbours complain say you've got someone different every night!

  2. I've got family in Missouri... Although my Mom calls it Missour-a....

    And as long as she doesn't put her name on anything or have stuff sent there (unless it is c/o you) then you just like having your friend around all the time. And if the neighbors complain, say they are just hearing stuff, you are a good little Christian girl after all, you wouldn't be doing that sort of stuff!

    Name drop Jesus just to get into an apartment... That is funny stuff - Dee