Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pictures...because I can

Right. So now I want to post pictures of myself, my girlfriend, and a couple of random things around our apartment...because I can. :)

This is me.

Sometimes I wear pink

This is Kara.

Sometimes she's a bad.

These are my feet. This picture makes me look really really tall. I'm 5'9. Let's be honest, it's not exactly short. Kara is short. She's only 5'4. Make fun.

This is a bookshelf Kara and I made. Cool? Or would you never allow pink in your house, lol?

We're doing the kitchen in orange. I'm a big fan of these pot holders. They have silicone and are amazing.

I feel like this was a really random blog post of pictures. Soon i will hopefully have zoo pictures!


  1. i won't make fun of Kara, i'm only 5'3! Good things come in small packages as they say, haha!

  2. Truth!!! I only make fun of her in fake life...dont tell but I think it's adorable!