Saturday, June 13, 2009

You guys should come out with us...

After Tuesday's karaoke adventure, Kara and I swore off alcohol (for at least a week). On Thursday, we had Taco Bell and were sitting at home watching Skins on DVD. Then I got a call from Alanna. Nate (a boy Alanna and I work with) and Wesley (his boyfriend) were going to the gay bar and she wanted us to go with. After minimal amounts of convincing, we agreed to go.

Thirty minutes later I found myself walking into the Joplin gay bar. I believe it was our third visit. At this point I started to realize just how small the Joplin gay community is. I knew about 75% of the people there (or at least recognized them and knew medium amounts about their lives). Maybe on the weekends there are different people out, but not during the week. I digress.

Before we left the house, I made a serious resolve not to become a drunken mess on this outing. I think that I was quite successful. I had about 3 margaritas, played some pool, did not feel tempted to do karaoke, did not make lots of new friends, and did not ignore my girlfriend and talk to some other girl for the entire night. Improvement.

Kara, on the other hand, did not have the same resolve. She suddenly went from being mellow and chill to sitting on Alanna's lap and making her take shots. It was quite entertaining. Every few minutes she'd realize she was being bad and make lots of cute apologies.

We managed to get home without much of a hitch. Alanna came with us to crash on our couch since she was too drunk to drive home. The debauchery continued at home and Kara threw coffee bags and spatulas (do not ask me why...they thought it was really funny though). We talked a lot about those random things you always seem to think of when drunk. Then Kara put in some Advanced Barista Training (latte art) dvd. Borrrrrrrrrring. At that point I remembered that I woke up at 5:45am and took my ass to bed.

It seems like we've been going out a lot lately. This has to stop. I'm never going out again (for at least a couple of weeks)!


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