Monday, June 8, 2009


I bought Sims 3 for my iPod touch on Friday and have barely found the time to go to work, let alone shower or talk to my girlfriend! She's addicted too.

I just can't pull myself away! Help!



  1. Consider yourself lucky to have a girlfriend who gets addicted too. I just get yelled at if I'm spending too much time on the computer or with other video game thingies...

  2. That's one reason why I've never gotten into Sims...esp now since they've put it on the ipod.

    Sounds like a lot of fun, making up your own character, living an all together a different life. I can understand why it would take up a good chunk of the day. Have fun.

  3. My friend let me make my family on her Sims 2 (I've only got Sims 1) and it was nice to have my girlfriend and I linked together ( I gave us two kids too!). I assume Sims 3 still allows that....

  4. this is why i stay away from this game..... :)

  5. I love love it. My character, Sadra, has been partners with her bosses wife but broke that off to get a promotion. Then she was hopelessly in love with her bff Kia. She finally got over that and is happily married to Nina. They sleep in different beds for some weird reason though.

    Kara and I have been battling over the ipod but at least it's good for our opposite schedules!!