Friday, June 12, 2009

Karaoke Mess

I got my way and went to big gay karaoke night on Tuesday. There were thunderstorms and tornado warnings until about 9:30pm, so when we finally got to Murphy's at 10:30pm, it wasn't exactly busy. There were about 25 or so people there and karaoke was definitely happening.

Unfortunately, it wasn't really the party I was hoping for. There was one emo boy who must have just gotten his heart broken. He sang really sad songs every time it was his turn (which was every fifth or sixth time). There were a couple of people who were actually really good though which mostly evened it out.

There was also a creepy straight dude who kept trying to weasel his way in with some lesbians. He didn't even speak English very well, which made for interesting conversations. Mostly it went like this:

Creepy Straight Dude: Are you two girls together?
Us: Yes (ignore)
CSD: You want some man?
Us: No thanks (ignore, walk away, loudly say what the fuck)
*rinse and repeat every time we got up to get more drinks*

I was mostly bored and just started drinking lots of beer and smoking lots of cigarettes. Kara was absorbed in texting. Our friend Alanna was just chilling. Nothing too exciting was happening at our table. About halfway through the night some girls Kara knows showed up (Caitlin and Megan). They sat down and made things a lot more interesting.

One thing led to another and we ended up at a party at Caitlin's house. We played beer pong (and almost won damnit!). There were a lot of people there and somehow I got seperated from Kara and Alanna. I think I spent most of the night smoking on the back porch with Megan and talked her leg off about god knows what. I was really, really drunk.

Finally, we got home around 3am and fell drunkenly into bed. Why is it when I say I'm going to go out and it's going to be really chill, I often end up getting really drunk and acting wild?

I think I'll blame it on the alcohol.


  1. I hate creepy guys like that. J and I were in a take away after a night out once and this guy asked us "are you lesbians" and once we said yes he started this long speech about how he didn't blame us, he thought it was good of us to gor for what we really wanted etc. Then said we should be friends and could he watch us having sex "as a friend" (he put a lot of emphasis on the as a friend bit). Twats!

  2. yeah it's gross! i can't really handle it. usually i'm just like, yeah, we're lesbians. after the inevitable "you want some man meat?" i usually reply, "no thanks. we don't like men....that's the point!"