Saturday, June 6, 2009


Ugh. Swimsuits are the bane of my existence. Unfortunately, I really need a new one. The one I have is from um 4 years.

Can I just say swimsuit shopping is hell. First you have to take off all your clothes (except panties are required by law blah blah blah) which takes forever. Then you try on the micro pieces of lycra in very unflattering light. Then you critique your body to death and wish you'd been tanning. Then you remember skin cancer. You still wish you'd been tanning or at least jogging. You remove micro-lycra nonsense and get dressed again. Then you go back out and search for a different size/color/fit/pattern. Repeat from the beginning. Decide you'd rather swim naked. Bounce.

Except then it's June and you still don't have a swimsuit. Which is where I am...angst! (above photo is one that I really like from Victoria's Secret but I'm about 85% sure that it would not be so great for my body type...)


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