Friday, February 27, 2009

What is it with gay girls and Christian college?

Seriously? There are two Christian colleges in the (smallish) city I live in. Can I just say how many "straight for Jesus" girls there are that go there. Maybe it's just a midwestern thing, but the "straight for Jesus" crowd kills me.

What do I mean by "straight for jesus"? You know those girls (and guys) that are just obviously gay. They set off your gaydar from a mile away.

Suspect Checklist:
-mens jeans (check)
-wallet in back pocket (check)
-faux hawk (check)
-never spotted with a man (check)
-very, very close with female "roomate" (check)
-intense eye contact and lots of hand touching with women (check)
-all around lesbian vibe (check)

Then you get online to check out her facebook status...because you are a stalker...

Education: Bible College
Interested in: Men

Then you check out her facebook photos, just to see how much she loves men....and there are absolutly NO pictures of her within 5 feet of a man.

I'm just saying.

To quote a friend, "The Jesus in Missouri is really hardcore." I understand that for these girls it is essential for them to stay closeted. They would be kicked out of college and possibly lose their friends and the support of their families. really, really sucks. What sucks even more is that I'm certain some of them will end up settling for a relationship with a man to please their families and religious communities. It's sad that people are not more accepting.

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