Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So I finally came out to Karly

Last week Karly and I were hanging out, doing our Big Brothers Big Sisters thing. We'd been to the mall, had lunch, and were chilling at the apartment watching a movie and doing some crafts. During some idle conversation, Karly asked me about my relationship with Kara. Something along the lines of "so how good of friends are you and Kara? like just friends who share an apartment or bff for life..." I had been pretty convinced for awhile that Karly definitely knew I was gay. We had had lots of conversations about how she liked gay people, she introduced me to her gay cousin, she asked about Kara regularly. Idk...she's 11. 11 year old's usually know a lot more than people think.

So Karly asked about our relationship and I just gave her this look like "really Karly". The conversation that insued:

Karly: What? Why are you giving me that look.
Me: Karly, you know that Kara and I are girlfriends right? Like dating, romantic type girlfriends...
Karly: What!!!
Me: Um...I thought you knew that I was a lesbian.
Karly: NO!!!! Omg. I mean it doesn't change anything but I definitely did not know.
Me: Oh. Um now this is awkward. I'm sorry! I would have told you a little more gracefully if I didn't think you already knew....I mean we ARE facebook friends!! Didn't you read my profile??? I thought maybe your mom told me. I mean she knows for sure.
Karly: No. Definitely she didn't tell me. *awkward silence....*
Me: Right so this is awkward now. Um if you have any questions I am definitely up for answering them. Sorry about this SOS of a situation...I really thought you knew.
Karly: At least I know a lesbian now right, lol!

Later her mom called to apoligise for never telling me that she didn't tell Karly. Anyways, I think everything is going to be fine but it was certainly not my smoothest moment!!!


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